Sexts, Texts & Selfies by Susan McLean (Review)

No matter how tech savvy we thing we are the reality is technology, devices and the internet and all the ups and downs it brings evolve faster than we can possibly keep up. We also can’t foresee what is going to go viral and cause issues and what is intended to cause issues and falls flat on its backside.

If you have read an earlier post I wrote then you will know where my current thoughts lie on technology use and our kids. Well, this book by Susan McLean is absolutely bang on the money. I have also been fortunate to see her speak a few times now and I’ve never been disappointed yet.

Her advice, guidance and information is based on experience on the ‘coal face’ itself. So, its not some career academic that is telling you what is right and wrong from the comfort of a fancy office. This book is sharing how to keep your children safe in the digital space.

It is full of examples, many confronting, but I would imagine have been diluted to as to not terrify parents completely.

The acronyms at the back are golden as a quick reference to see what on earth these kids are on about.

This book is full of clear and concise guidance on what to do and when. Given its written in Australia 99% of what is inside and the advice offered is relevant to anybody, anywhere on the planet.

I highly recommend this book. I bought a few extra copies that I lend to families I work with and they are never disappointed.