Children & Adolescents

Children & Adolescents


I work with children from six years upwards. Working with children and adolescents is a specialist area not just requiring different skill sets but most importantly, experience. This ‘on the ground’ experience has to be recent, as with youth culture changing at such rate by the time many books go to print they are out of step. This is what makes this area of counselling so rewarding and challenging.

A considerable amount of my past experience has been working specifically with adolescents and their families.

The foundations for positive change begin with the relationship, or ‘having the right fit’. Once this has been established I we can work in a number of ways and dip in and out of methods that will work best for the client. This includes Art Therapy, Sand Tray, working with symbols, role play and utilising interactive technologies. All of these can support the time we spend talking.

It sits a tad uncomfortably when I write about a client rather than for a client, however I am aware that almost all of my clients classed as children or adolescents are referred via the primary caregivers. I am without exception amazed by the maturity, awareness and emotional vocabulary that I get to experience in our time together. So, my younger clients are treated with the same level of respect, trust and autonomy as those clients many years their senior.

I do work closely with the families of my younger clients whilst also being committed to the client’s privacy and confidentiality. This dynamic again varies with situation, needs and age and is something I make explicit at the time of our initial meeting or phone conversation. I will ensure you are clear on what this may look and sound like whilst I work with your child.

I am highly confident and experienced in working with children and adolescents in all presenting issues. Those that I would suggest as being my speciality areas would include:



Drugs and Alcohol






Self Esteem