See Beyond The Evil!

Friday 15th March 2019 will go down in history and not only in small, end of the earth New Zealand. One man killed 49 innocent men, women and children as they attended Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand. 40 Others remain in hospital, many of which are critical. This, in a city still getting up from its knees after a significant earthquake, and loss of lives, only a few years earlier.

The terrorist, traveled from Australia specifically and planned meticulously over a two year period a horrendous act of terror. The reasoning; NZ was the only country that was perceived as safe from terrorism, he wanted to change that and ensure fear and hate would reach everywhere.

This post is to remind us all to redirect our attention from the individual and devastation he had achieved. It is to see the police officers that raced in civilian clothes, whether off or on duty, to protect and care for the victims and community. It is to see the father who picked up wounded victims in his vehicle and rushed them to hospital. It is to see the nurses and doctors who responded immediately and continue to care for the victims around the clock. It is to see the flowers that create an endless tapestry outside the mosques and community centres placed by strangers. It is to see the vigils and genuine images of solidarity, love and support from a whole country and internationally. It is to the see the selfless acts of courage, bravery, kindness and generosity. It is to see and celebrate the far more powerful and present goodness that is in our country and world.

Acknowledge the devastation caused by individuals and the breadth of victims that has been left by this event and horrendous individual. It stands in stark contrast to the awesomeness of the masses and the goodness that should drown out the volume of such hatred and darkness.

It is there, see it, hear it and share it!